Marine Waste Compactor

Ship Garbage Compactor For Vessel Waste

The multi-fraction ship garbage compactor is manufactured in stainless steel and specially suited for use within marine environments such as vessels and offshore installations. This Ship garbage compactor is specially ideal to compact plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cardboard, textile waste, plastic films as well as other similar wastes. A good vessel waste compactor structure should be suit for small space on the ship. lt can be identified by the parts and accessories used in them.

They mainly include

  • Thrust beam.
  • Floor plate.
  • Ram guide system-
  • Cylinder
  • Electrical accessories.

All these accessories combine to give a good and best machine. They help in supporting the machine efficiency and productivity. Also a good ship garbage compactor is encouraged to support and participate in reducing waste and being environmentally conscientious.

Marine Waste Compactor

Benefits from a ship garbage compactor:

This vessel waste compactor range can offer great reductions in waste disposal costs by reducing the volume of waste generated on board during a vessel’s passage.

  • Stainless steel units for indoor or outdoor placement
  • Wheeled stainless steel containers for easy waste segregation and logistics.
  • Interchangeable trolleys for flexible use.
  • Combined compactor and baler.
  • Powerful electro/hydraulic drive for high press-force.
  • Compaction directly into big bags for easy deployment of waste
  • Easy installation and operation (Plug & Play).

Technical parameters:

EquipmentModelCapacityPressureRatingVoltageSize (WxDxH)Weight
Waste CompactorBGC-180180L 6T2.2KW380/415V/440/480V800x850x1900mm560KG
Waste CompactorBGC-500500L8T4KW380/415V/440/480V1200x1150x1900mm710KG