Oil Drum Crusher BH125

Oil drum Crusher which is earmarked for crushed the steel drum/oil drum flat was developed by SIEDON Technologies. Our compactor is used to flat the maximum 50 gallons (225 liters) drums. Its compression ratio is up to 6:1 to 8:1. Compressed empty steel drums can greatly save the storage space.

The model DH125 crushes steel drums to approximately 6″ high and resets automatically to crush another drum. Full cycle time is 30 seconds (crush and retract).
This unit is designed for a duty cycle that will allow for crushing or compacting up to 250 drums per week in a typical non-hazardous, indoor room-temperature environment when operated on a three-phase power supply. The included drum compacting feature allows you to compact contents inside the drum by simply removing the drum crushing platen. This convenient design gives you two pieces of equipment in one.

Manufacturers can increase an oil pan to set in the bottom of the compactor according to the requirements by customer, as the machine also comes with closed doors and safety switch to ensure that the remaining oil will not spill and operational security.

Drum Press Features:

  • Convenient and safe to operate
  • Botton press
  • Quickly ram stroke
  • Save storage space
  • 25Tons of crushing force flattens 50-gallon drums to 6″ in 30 seconds
  • Powered illuminated on/off switch increases user awareness and safety
  • Mushroom-head emergency stop button will instantly shut-down unit
  • Manufactured to comply with CE standards & specifications
  • Plus an interlock system that will prevent the motor from running unless the door is closed.
  • Built-in fork pockets aid in transporting. Aluminum drip pan, for catching any excess liquid that may be expelled during the crushing operation.
Oil Drum Crusher
Drum press

Technical Specifications of Oil Drum Crusher:

Height2.73 m
Width1.20 m
Cavity Size 0.88*0.86 m
Depth0.94 m
Weight690 kg
Power RequirementThree phase/380V
Cycle Time30 seconds
Electrical Machine5.6kW/25A

Watch How Oil Drum Press Working:

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