Mini Baler For Marine Waste Disposal

Waste produced at sea must to be collected and recyle. With a baler solution it will be much easier to optimize the processing, storage and disposal of the waste stipulated in the waste management plan.

Marine baler BH103 is ideal solutions for compacting waste produced in offshore and maritime environments. It is our smallest baler, perfect for compacting dry waste at sea, like cardborad and soft plastic.

Features of Marine Baler:

  • Simple and safe operation
  • Easy to replace strap rolls
  • Ejection design
  • Small size and removable

Technical Specifications of Mobile Mini Baler:

Max thrust3 ton
Packing chamber660*450 mm
Baler size450*660*520 mm
Baler Weight30-50 kg
Power0.75 kw
Machine Size1055*820*1650mm
Machine Weight300 kg
marine waste baler
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