Marine Waste Compactor

Marine Waste Compactor Stainless Steel Compactor

Siedon marine waste compactor is mainly installed in the garbage room of seagoing ships. It is used to compress domestic garbage generated by crew members in daily life and industrial garbage generated by ship maintenance. After compression and packing, the volume is reduced. When the ship is docked, the packed materials are transferred to ashore.

The compression ratio of this marine waste compactor is 1:3. The core advantage of the equipment is the detachable compression truck, which can be used to compress dry garbage and wet garbage by putting garbage bags inside the compression truck.

Features of Marine Waste Compactor:

  • The Main body is made of stainless steel
  • The compressing chamber is an independent hand-pushed trolley,easy for replacement and garbage sorting
  • Easy installation and operation
  • The power is cut off upon opening the door in order to ensure safety
  • Germany imported motor, French imported electrical system
  • Different voltage and specification are available
EquipmentModelCapacityPressureRatingVoltageSize (WxDxH)Weight
Waste CompactorBGC-180180L 6T2.2KW380/415V/440/480V800x850x1900mm560KG
Waste CompactorBGC-500500L8T4KW380/415V/440/480V1200x1150x1900mm710KG
Marine Waste Compactor