Manual Trash Compactor

Manual trash baler is designed for reducing volume by 50%-70%, which will cut the cost of storage and transportation significantly. It  will make quick work of your disposable clothing, garments, paper, film, aluminum cans, carton-boxes etc. This trash baler is widely used in a restaurant, retail outlet, school, Movie Theater, small waste recycle station, factory etc.

Manual Trash Compactor
Manual Baler TC105

Benefits of Manual Trash Compactor:

  • Reduces removal costs
  • Reduces storage space
  • Enhances sanitation & recycling efforts
  • Decreases volume
  • Environment/Employee friendly
Manual Cloth Baler TC103
Manual Cloth Baler TC103

Features of Manual Baler:

  • Rugged Construction — Manufactured from structural steel and the finest components, these compactors give years of service.
  • Cost effective
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Manually operated system
  • Durable — CE certified
  • Safe for all ages
  • Buckles to lock or fix rubbish bag and barrel door
  • Portable, move from department to department

Technical Specifications:

Compaction ratio3:1
Feed-opening (mm)∅445
Chamber dimension (mm)R500 *700
Machine size (mm)610 *770 *1820
Ram stroke (mm)560
Machine weight (kg)180
Max compress volume(L)145