Manual Cloth Baler

Manual Cloth Baler is designed compacted. It is fed in on top, can be applied for baling and compacting for clothing curtains, fabric plastic bottles, packets etc. Particularly, it is a good helper for clothing wholesalers and package delivery industry.

Manual Cloth Baler TC103
Manual Cloth Baler TC103

Features of Manual Cloth Baler:

* Small and portable machine
* cost effective, durable
* Easy and safe to operate
* Manually operated system
* Decreases volume, reduces storage space

Manual Cloth Baler TC103
Manual Cloth Baler TC103

Technical Specifications of Manual Cloth Baler:

Power Rating2 Tons
Maximum Thrust2 Tons
Pressing Cycle60 Seconds
Dimensions Of Packing Chamber500 x 700 x 800 mm
Weight Of Packed Material80 - 90 kg
Machine Dimensions660x1600x1960 mm
Machine Weight450 kg approx.
Working Pressure8 Bar
Manual TyingBanding or Iron Wire
Modules 2 Packing Chambers