Small General Waste Compactor BH103

General Waste Compactor is unique compactor for compacting general waste into manageable plastic bags. The volume reduction achieved by compacting the waste is at a ratio of up to 6:1. By compacting your general and food waste in a waste baler, you improve your waste area, get more space, less mess, better hygiene and the solution to overflowing bins. Reduce number of bins and collections by 80%, reduce costs and improve internal logistics and productivity by locating the waste press close to the waste source.
This trash compactor offers great value,making it perfect for kitchens and canteens. Ideal for hotel, restaurants, ship, offshore, and any other business producing general waste.

marine waste baler
bottle baling press

Waste Compactor Features:

  •  Simple, Safe, Reliable Operation
  •  Quick Load door for introducing waste product into chamber
  •  Slow release chamber door for unloading and operator safety
  •  Corrosion resistance for harsh environments
  •  Electric operating system
  •  Compaction with a 6:1 safety ratio
  •  Compacts all types of waste
  •  Can be used in offshore environments