Garbage Compactor

With the development of economy and the improvement of living standard, more and more garbage were produced after people consume. However, the government is slack to manage the garbage. Most of the garbage was landfilled, burned or discarded without being treated. And landfill will occupy the land resources, pollute the soil and water. And then, waste incineration will produce a lot of CO2 and Dioxin. To solve the pollution of garbage, we should be sorting and manageing the garbage. Therefore, we designed a series of Garbage Compactor, which can separate garbage and can compress or package garbage.

Garbage compactor has complete function,such as compressing cardboard,plastic bottle, cans and other waste garbage. It commonly used in marine ship, industrial, restaurants, community building, recycling acquisition station, hospital, school, office, shopping malls, hotels, airports stations and other places which produces a lot of rubbish. Therefore, its scope is very wide.

Garbage compactor
Garbage Compactor

At the same time, Garbage Compactor has its own competitive advantage:

  • It can broken bag, compression capacity, reduce the number of function of garbage, can be directly reduced transportive costs.
  • It can disinfect and prevent mosquitoes, insects and bacteria infection.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • Fully sealed structure leaves a good protective property so that it can completely avoiding mosquito, flies, rodents and vector breeding.
  • The compression apacity of garbage waste compactor is about 5:1.
  • The equipment can be arranged in any place and save space.
  • The process of cleaning is fast and convenient, one person can operate easily.
  • Covering area is small, the whole trash compactor is only about 1 square meters to cut down the construction cost.

Garbage waste compactors/balers are divided into manual and semi-automatic and automatic three kinds, you can choose one according to your own needs. Meanwhile, its economic benefits are also very impressive:

  • Little a lot of artificial and expenses.
  • Reduce transportive costs. (compressed transport)
  • Cut down treatment fee of waste area.
  • Reducing the occupied area, make full use of the limited space.

The principle of circular economy is treat of domestic garbage, make the garbage management and resources so that create an environment-friendly society of harmonious development of man and nature. While the garbage balers playsan important role on it. And according to rough statistics, the garbage makes form our country city annual yield is about 150000000 T at present, and the garbage scattered in various places, greatly polluted the environment and occupied the land resources. Therefore, it is necessary to existent of waste balers, it is feasible and has good prospects for development.

vertical baler
vertical trash compactor

Video of Garbage Compactor For Cardboard Press: