Drum Crusher/Compactor Machine

Product application: oil drum crusher/compactor can be used to compress waste oil drums, paint drums, plastic container drums, iron drums, hydraulic oil drums, paint drums, gasoline drums, lubricating oil barrels, etc. The height of the compressed drum is about 150 mm.

Oil drum crusher/compactor machine is a special environmental recycling equipment used to compress oil drums, which can reduce the volume of waste and save transportation costs by squeezing and pressing empty waste oil drums. The equipment is drum crusher with puncture system and anti-static system to prevent explosion and ignition during operation. The drum compactor design follows the CE safety standard of the European Union and is equipped with the safe operation design of opening the door to cut off the power and closing the door to get the power. With smart design and strong structure, it is the product of choice for manufacturing enterprises, automotive parts enterprises, paint and coating enterprises, chemical enterprises and material recycling companies

Advantages of drum crusher:

Piercing the system

  • Piercing pins on the platen release the air pressure in the tub
  • Prevent explosion when the closed oil drum is squashed

Optional explosion-proof components

  • Can be equipped with explosion-proof motor, solenoid valve, electric cabinet, travel switc
  • Applicable to explosion-proof working conditions

Safety protection

  • Siemens motors and Schneider motors are available
  • Open the door and cut off the power. A safety switch is installed on the compression door. Open the door and cut off the power of the whole equipment.

Waste liquid collection tank

  • Used to collect waste liquid from compression spill
  • Keep the environment and equipment clean and tidy

Customer Cases:

Video Of Drum Crusher/Compactor: