What are the hazards of not disposing of waste paper?

Waste paper is not waste, but a recyclable and renewable resource that is discarded after being used in daily production. It has a wide range of uses and great value. At present, most of our disposal methods for waste paper focus on throwing it away, recycling it, or keeping it for other purposes. Any waste paper that is recycled no more than five times is valuable and recyclable, such as used books, paper or cardboard, etc.

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What are the hazards of paper or cardboard:

For agriculture: waste paper is not easy to decompose, and waste paper is buried in the soil for a long time but will not decompose. It will pollute the soil.

For the city: waste paper is flooded in every corner of the city, which will affect the appearance of the city

For factories:

  1. The paper scraps are only compressed by a relatively simple vertical baler, and workers need to transport the scraps to the vertical baler, which increases manpower and time;
  2. The paper dust generated by various paper processing equipment is easily dispersed in the air, causing the risk of dust explosion;
  3. Some manufacturers’ waste paper scraps cannot be packaged in time due to space constraints, resulting in waste paper pollution and cannot be reused.

For humans: Harm to human body caused by paper dust from paper mills:

  1. Destroy the body’s normal defense system
  2. May cause lung disease
  3. Carcinogenic
  4. Cause dust poisoning

Why use a waste paper baler machine?

The baler machine can pack and compress the garbage paper in our lives so that it can be transported better. Its status is very important for the effective use of resources. At present, the development of balers in my country is in full swing, and its use is of great significance to environmental protection construction.

A vertical paper baler that can greatly improve the efficiency of front-end recycling is recommended. What are the specific uses and features of this baler?

The baler machine adopts a vertical design and has a compressive force of 3 tons, which can easily perform compression, bundling, and bundling operations, and can compress and pack 60kg of material at a time.

The baler is small and flexible, easy to store, suitable for use in supermarkets, recycling stations, carton factories, small garment factories and other places.

The packaged waste cardboard is more convenient to store, transport and sell, which greatly improves the utilization rate of paper, and plays an important role in protecting the environment and the development of the recycling and reprocessing industry of waste paper.

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