Aluminium Can Baler

As with so many materials we use daily, aluminum is something that should not be ending up in the landfill. By recycling aluminum it helps ensure that there will always be enough to meet the needs for  everyday uses. Aluminium can baler can help us recycling.

Aluminium Can Baler Features:

  • Hydraulic drive system
  • Four slots for tying bales
  • Various types to choose with baling force from 2 to 40 tons
  • Key Operated Safety Switch
  • Easy to operate
  • Rapid compacting cycle
  • Low noise and dust
  • Small enough to be fairly portable when ordered with casters.
  • The size of the compression chamber can be customized according your requirements.
Aluminum can baler
vertical baler

How to Use it:

  • Put a thick cardboard in the bottom of feeding chamber and then feeding(Cardboard is convenient for the binding);
  • Press the button DOWN  to compact the aluminium cans and put another cardboard on the top of  them;
  • Baling with the straps and bring it out.
(BH130) Aluminium Can Press Technical Parameters:
Voltage 380V/60HZ
Motor power 7.5 kw
Maximum thrust 30 Ton
Feed-opening 1200*690 mm
Machine weight 1500 kg
Chamber size 1200 *780 *1600 mm
Machine size 1400 *850 *3060 mm