Advantages and disadvantages of baling press machine

Manual Baling Press

Use manual operation, split tool, manual tensioner (STTMR) with manual bite buckle (STTR) Use
Applicable industries: steel, coil, wire, cutting slitting and other flat packing
Operation: Manual tensioner with manual sealer used in conjunction.
Features: Use manual operation, durable, and easy maintenance.

Automatic Baling Press

Automatic balers is widely used in food, medicine, hardware , chemicals, clothing , postal and other industries, for paper packaging , parcel mail package, carton packaging , hardware tools packaging , ceramic packaging , cosmetic packaging , stationery packaging , and others.

vertical baler
vertical baler


  • Aluminum bow frame design , easy accessibility ;
  • Fully automated, operation convenient;
  • Packing maximum size determined by the bow frame , bow rack can be customized according to the customer requirement ;
  • Packed tight power excellence, less failure , easy maintenance ;
  • Low noise ,durability and multi functional ;
  • Packaged immediately after the motor stops , power utility.

Metal Balers

Applicable industries: iron and steel, metal manufacturing , plywood , wood , electronics , logistics and so on.
Features: Easy to maintain , easy to enter and only for a small number of parts. Customer can replace the damaged parts by themselves. Ergonomically designed , good body balance , and the cutter can be adjusted .

Steel Drum Baler
Steel Drum Baler

Packing Sealing Machine

Application: Widely used in food , pharmaceutical, cosmetic , and other industries, for carton packaging, paper packaging, cosmetic packaging and other various sizes packaged bundle .


  • with multiple protection devices such as overload , phase loss, leakage, to ensure the safety;
  • oil-free structure , easy maintenance, sanitation and hygiene;
  • non-contact switch, the work is accurate and reliable , long life.

Semi-Automatic Baling Press Machine


  • IC design : the new circuit design, used plug-in circuit board to control the whole action packed and hot head temperature , circuit board replacement very convenient. Instant heating , and immediately packaged ; initiate melt thermal system design, can work within 5 seconds to heat. Automatic stop device .
  • Power utility : When packing operation is completed , no operation within 60 seconds , the motor will stop automatically and enter standby mode .
  • New brake design : The brake of machine uses a special spring design to make progress with no noise .